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Computer Skills: Microsoft Office Skills

This brief tutorial guide leads you to ways to brush up on your computer skills. It is useful for new students or students who may need some basic skills training.

Downloading Office

All enrolled students at BSCTC have free access to MS Office 365.   There's no need to use something else!  Here's how to download it.

[an animated gif of the download process beginning at MyPath]










Reminder that free authorization isn't forever.   You don't get it forever.   Occasionally you will have to prove that you're still enrolled, including logging into your KCTCS account from Office, about every 90 days to keep your Office license active.


Online Office

MyPath us[an image of a OneDrive tile on MyPath]ers have access to OneDrive, a storage location which is accessible from any internet connection.  Students are encouraged to save their work on OneDrive as a way to keep all files accessible from any location.  

[a image of a drop menu with selections such as Word document and Excel workbook]Students may use the create menu to create an online file of one of many MS Office products.

From Microsoft

From Microsoft