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Computer Skills: New BSCTC Students

This brief tutorial guide leads you to ways to brush up on your computer skills. It is useful for new students or students who may need some basic skills training.

First 48 Hours Enrolled

[an animated gif showing the step 4 and step 5 of the process]

  1. Using your KCTCS PeopleSoft Student ID Number, found on the top left of your class schedule, and beginning with two zeroes - 00xxxxxx
  2. Go to
  3. Scroll down the page
  4. Select User Account Center
  5. Select Setup Your User Profile
  6. Type your birthday and KCTCS ID number
  7. Set up three challenge questions in case you forget your password
  8. Set up a complex password 
  9. Write down your KCTCS username and password before you leave the page.

[an image of the MyPath website with blue buttons which reveal different functions for students]Use and set a bookmark on your device; MyPath is your digital basket at BSCTC

  • Check Student Accounts, Financial Aid, etc.
  • Check e-mail
  • Attend class or check course content via Blackboard
  • Download the KCTCS app - which is your digital mobile basket

Your username and password for the account is your key to access resources, check grades, file appeals, log into classes, etc.

  • the user account is your first initial, your last name, and then 4 numbers assigned to the account


  • htackett0435                          is your username
  •         is your e-mail address

After enrollment, school and official communication is sent to your KCTCS e-mail (like financial aid info).

What's in the app?

  • Notifications which can be set to alarms on your device
  • One-tap access to e-mail and Blackboard
  • About Me, which deep links to places like your groups, holds, bursar's office, and financial aid
  • Bulletin board for messaging other students

If you are comfortable using this mobile basket, the app is a great tool!


Sign into Microsoft Stream with your KCTCS credentials if the video isn't there.